Monday, January 16, 2012

A great start to the week!

I love short work weeks and holidays!
This is mostly because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, i.e. going to the gym and eating lunch (another facet of being the DINKy Runner). :-)
So, when I woke up today (around 8 am-woo hoo!) and didn't immediately get dressed for the gym, I told myself  "'s okay. You have all day! Have your coffee, self, eat your wheat toast and peanut butter, rest some more, and then head out."
Sounded like a great idea to it did for a LOT of other people, too!
The gym was super crowded at 11 when I arrived.
This is also prime time for AOA (Active Older Adults) and AOA classes, to which I think are fabulous (even if AOA's do tend to 'hoard' the machines-I know...that's mean). 'They' would probably say that I am the one invading there time and space, as I usually don't go at this time.
I did 30 minutes of this and can honestly say that I sweated out ALL of those toxic, chocolate (although extremely yummy) brownies that I managed to devour over the weekend. (check out this blog/site: and search on 'mint brownies'-or don't, and save yourself the few extra pounds-seriously, the website is great with awesome recipes-the blogger is even a Southern girl, now living in CA):

And, no, I didn't have that view...remember, lots of AOA's!

After sweating like no tomorrow, I headed in the weight room for some leg exercises. Yes, all sweaty but I use a personal, large, clean towel for every machine (as I have seen some pretty gross things go on with those towels).
I haven't been doing too much leg weights as I have been upping my running game in preparation for next month's half and wanted to prevent an injury. (Did I mention that I am now doing a half, a heck of a 5k bridge run, and a 10k in February? Geez!)
I do enjoy leg exercises and I can tell that they improve my running and biking. This is unlike chest exercises, which I detest. (I dread chest days)
Then, of course, I was hungry and decided to eat at the club cafe, which is wonderful for you locals that haven't tried it.
I have not had a bad meal there yet and they make awesome smoothies. Then again, I'm not picky, especially if someone else is cooking.
So, I had this yummy salad:

That's a delicioso spinach salad with gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, and grilled chicken! Yes I did!

By now, most of the crowd had left, just as I did upon finishing.
I told myself, earlier in the day, that I would try to make yoga this evening, as I am flying solo this evening and Monday nights suck on t.v.
I will have to see about that, as I first have to get an afternoon nap and then an espresso and maybe a glass of vino for dinner! Not 
Not an overly exciting day and not filled with too much craziness...but perfect to me!
Hope your Monday was somewhat fabulous and kicks your week off on the right foot!

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