Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What the HECK is wrong with people?!?!?

Has everyone gone crazy?

Are people just SO  busy and stressed that they just have gone bizerk!?!?

I admit..I've done this a time or two!

Before I get started, this post has nothing to do with exercise.
No..tonight it is simply a vent session.
I apologize for this but the dog won't answer me back (thank goodness-that's a different post).
So, I'm driving to yoga last night (got to get my meditation and yen and yang on- more yang then yen, on) and I pull up to a stop light.
There is another car ahead of me and then a car ahead of that one.
The lady (a.k.a. crazy woman) in the first car gets out of her car while the light is red and faces the car behind her (fortunately not me-this time) and holds up her hands, as if to say "WTF?"
I assume the lady ahead of me has the same expression as I do, "WTF is she doing?!?!"
Then, the lady gets back in her car, turns, and drives off.
I guess the lady was following to closely to her, or doing something wrong in her eyes, and she felt compelled to act on it...I don't know.
I really don't have an answer for her actions except she, at that moment, lost it..completely.
With that said, did any of you see the article in the paper and on the news last week of the waitress that received a tip (not of the monetary fashion either) from a great couple on the West coast? (not that this couldn't happen on the East coast-there are plenty of turds over here)
The tip to the server was: "You could stand to lose a few pounds."
Really? What gave that couple the right to be such total a**holes to that server?
Do people really think that they can get away with saying whatever the HECK they want to...anywhere? anytime???
Furthermore, and going back to my waitressing days, I hope they left this tip AFTER they got there food. Everyone should know by now that you don't mess with people serving your food. I have seen it...it happens.
People...just chill out and relax and MOST IMPORTANTLY...keep your opinions to yourself!!!
...or, you can write a blog like me and voice all of your opinions!!!

This has to surely relax you...right???

Ok-this has to make you smile and relax?!?! It should!

How about you...ever seen nonsense like either of these 2 situations go on?
If so, did you react?
Do you think everyone has pretty much gone mad? I do.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a beautiful weekend!

The weather was awesome here in Coastal Georgia this weekend! So much better than the muchly appreciated rain of last week (even if it does result in ‘house-a-tosis’ by day 3).
When the weather gets right here (we only have 2 seasons here-hot and hotter!), that brings everyone outside! That’s one of the reasons we moved to the Golden Isles..the weather,  the beautiful landscape, and the fact that everyone loves to be outside. Everywhere you look there is water and magnificent oak trees. I plan on posting some pictures of this later for those unfortunate people that don’t live here in such beautiful place!
With that said, the bike/ running paths were full this weekend. I’m guessing there are a lot of runners in training for the Savannah RnR ½ in November.  It’s just right around the corner!
I joined them and had some great company!

CH aka Lance

This picture is outdated (dare I say..by a month or 2) as he now has a newer bike…or a new ‘toy’, shall we call it.
He biked (23 miles) and I ran (8.5 miles) over the causeway. What an awesome view!

To get in some ‘hill’ training (which I despise ), I have to run the bridges because South Ga is flatter than flat!
Did I mention I hate hills? Anyway...
Seriously, I schedule and sign up for races by how flat the course is. If hills are involved, I won't sign up. I hope to get over this fear one day, as I have dreams of running the West Coast one day. DREAMS...
Sunday afternoon was slightly unproductive but very relaxing. We continued to enjoy the wonderful weather and temperatures, along with some ‘light’ leisure biking & grocery shopping.

Cute, huh? You should see the stares I get

Our usual Sunday night "nightcap"…a glass of vino (or 2..okay, the bottle) and grilled pizza! It's get the week off to a great start..or maybe tops off the great weekend!
Oh, the life of “DINK’s”…….have a great week, fellow DINK’s and non-DINK’s!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wine Wednesdays, instead of exercise...a new tradition?

Ok.  So, this week has been less than eventful, exercise-wise, and pretty sh*tty crappy, even with a wonderful day off on Monday, to which I enjoyed hanging around the house and a fabulously relaxing yoga class. J You would think that would have prepared me for the rest of the week. 

As my yoga isntructor says, 'this is a yummy pose'-NOTE TO SELF: She's going to live forever!

However, when family comes to town (if you catch my drift?), once a month, it’s not good.  It just wears me out. Usually by day 3, I am on the mend.
So, for the 2nd day of this week, I chose to ‘listen to my body’ (so that’s what the books say I should do) and rest (even though other articles say to exercise through the pain-such conflicting information on the internet-it can really mess with your mind if you let it). 
NOTE TO SELF, again: I am going to have to bust my butt for the rest of the month because the Savannah ½ is 4 weeks away. Ouch!
I interpreted listening to my body as saying that I need a glass of red wine, or 2…what do you think?
I think it also said to enjoy, thoroughly, that homemade spaghetti with meatballs while watching a series titled ‘In Wine Country.’ This is one of our favorite shows, where we can dream of returning (or living) in California’s Wine Country. Who knows…could happen one day!
Here’s where you ‘non-DINKer’s’ might start to get jealous (if you haven’t already)…It was just me and my Roxy.                                   

She had her water, dog food, and favorite toy…me a glass of Pedroncelli (a 2008 Zinfandel-coincidental that it’s a ‘Mother Clone’? Today, I felt like a mother (and I don’t mean in the sense of a mom.)                                    

It is heaven, if I am being honest, especially when you are feeling less than frisky (and believe me the hubby’s glad to be away).
Hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? 
So, now that I am on glass #2, I will sit back and dream of buying lots of great clothes from my Athleta magazine; read a little of my ‘The Natural Superwoman’ book (which is a fabulous explanation, from a natural perspective, of “family”); and laugh at the X-Factor show..oh, crap! Who replaced X-Factor with some stupid baseball game?!?!?!? Seriously, I could care LESS about pro baseball.  I guess I will have to watch re-runs of SATC! I love me some Carrie Bradshaw, and the character Aiiden even more…dreamy! Remember Aiiden...the one that got away!
I will go to bed early (probably not) with the FULL intention of getting up early and going to the gym before I head off to work. We will see how that goes (P.S.-I am NOT a morning person-so my chances are slim of this happening).
If not, there’s always tomorrow!
Confess…do you enjoy drinking alone?
Confess, again…do you ever dream of it just being you and maybe the doggie?
I won’t tell.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

"What a drag it is getting old...."

This song from the Rolling Stones was all too familiar this morning. I had to literally drag myself out of bed to go for a long run (11 miles). The weather was not helping at all nor was the fact that I was still trying to recouperate from a very 'fun' Friday night.
I surely thought I was turning green on Saturday-thankfully, I didn't! Whew!

I'm sad to say that I didn't have a 'mother's little helper' to get me out of bed, as the song goes on to say.
Do you notice, as you age, that it takes longer to recouperate...from anything? All the vitamins in the world, and I take a lot, don't seem to help sometimes.
Moving on...I'm in training (if that's what you want to call it) for my 3rd half, the inaugural Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon. What fun this will be! It will be my first RnR series.
I would love to set a PR (personal record, for you non-runners). But that may not happen. So, instead I will just be happy with finishing. And, then, it's on to the mega-party afterwards!
So, as I ran today, my thoughts rambled a lot, as I was trying to distract myself from every new little pain I experienced today. Even Usher or Eminem couldn't distract me today.
I won't bore you with the details but sometimes you have to push through the pain.
But, as usual, I did come across a couple of things to make me laugh:
1) Grandma passed me, twice. Hey, I didn't say I was fast!
2) Another grandma was seen wearing those funny, new little sock shoe-thingy's...the verdict is still out on those, in my opinion. But, one thing's for sure, her feet must not hurt like mine or she would be wearing something with a little more support. :)
3) I found someone doing this...or maybe she was sleeping. I couldn't tell.

But, it did get better.
As I was coming in to mile 10, I saw my knight in shining armor from a distance, except on a bicycle, and he wasn't there to sweep me away... but something wayyyy better...a gatorade!
My hubby! He is the bestest sometimes.

Of course this is not what my hub looks like-he has dark hair, not white, yet..
I would like to say that completed my run..but there's more. It started raining. Geez.
Up until this point, it looked like it was going to rain the entire 2 hrs. But, fortunately it held off until the last mile.
So, I stood under a shelter for 15 minutes until the heavy stuff passed.
Before you think or say it, I am well aware that I will not melt..but I figured that the Garmin on my wrist and new Ipod (my 3rd-ugh!) didn't need to get wet.
Then, I was homeward bound.
What a run! It was almost more like a HOT MESS!
So, this 2nd glass of vino is cheers to a run...done!

Do you ever have those days of exercise when it seems like nothing goes right?
How do you get through it?


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello to all!
I am so glad you decided to follow my blog. I promise to make it interesting and get an occassional laugh out of you.
So, who guessed what my blogs title means?
In case you have never heard the saying, here it is:
Double Income, No Kids

I threw the (y) in there for added fun!
Yes, my husband and I are fans of this statement. We don't snub it.
However, let's clear one thing up. Before you say, "bless her heart (a very southern saying for all you Westerners)...she can't have kids." I feel pretty sure we could..we just choose not to, at least for now.
Clearly from my observation and opinion ONLY, they seem like a HUGE expense, lots of work, and they wear you out.
Now...that we've cleared that up.
So, I subscribe to a lot of runner/ exercise blogs and found a pretty common theme...all the bloggers have kids.
I'm not anti-children (although I do believe that my 13 yr. old shih-tzu is better mannered than A LOT of children...even some adults).


I just felt like there needed to be something out there for us DINK's...which are few and far between....and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make my fellow bloggers with children extremely jealous! Just kidding...maybe.
So, my blog will be mostly centered around my love-hate relationship with all things exercise. But, I plan on throwing a few other topics or hobbies in here, too, i.e. eating (hobby), wine/ spirits (a hobby but more like a key to survival & sanity), traveling (hobby), etc...
One thing I promise to not talk about is work. I figure I do enough of that M-F, 8-5 every week. Why bore you?!?!?
By now you should know a little about me, my personality, my family, and my life.
I have to admit...my life is pretty great. I mean, for goodness sakes...we live 3 miles (a quick 30 min. run) from this view?
Did I mention I'm on Island Time?!?!!? Gotta go for a bike ride!

St. Simon's Lighthouse

 BTW-This blog is still very much a work in process.