Sunday, December 11, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

I thought since it has FINALLY started to feel like Christmas around here that I would share a couple of my favorite running apparel and gear items.
Feel free to pass this post along to your Santa and if you were naughty nice he might bring it to you!

Again, when I first started running I came across a few unknown  pains that I have never experienced before. Chafing being one. I first tried another product that did NOT work. Then, the guys at a local bike shop (Monkey Wrench) introduced me to this product. In fact, he said, and I quote, "this will change your life." I laughed at the time but honestly, it has! I hesitated to buy it because it's +$20. But, after I rationalized it with the fact that the size would probably last me for years and the fact that chafing was much more painful than spending $20 (a bottle of wine) I decided to go for it. Now, it travels with me ANYTIME I plan on running.
This is my new favorite thing this year. It's a least for me. It was $100 and I did a lot of research for a jacket of this type and for the best price. However, you know me being female, I had a justification for this purchase, too. First, I needed something to protect me from unexpected light rain (after I got caught in several rain showers a couple of weeks ago and ended up having to wait under a restaurant's shelter until it quit). This does this and has a special pocket for your ipod to protect against the weather. Then, I wanted some kind of light weight jacket to keep me warm in the Ga winters (which aren't that bad). The reason I wanted light weight is so I can layer, as more times than not, it's warmed up considerably by the end of my long Saturday morning runs. Also, I needed something reflective so drivers that are texting or just do not want to stop for pedestrians can at least see me when they hit me. Last, this jacket becomes a vest with one quick zip. How cool is that? Sometimes you want your chest to be slightly warmer than your arms (or at least I do). So, I got the blue one and love it! 

My 3rd love (besides Chuck, of course, and Roxy).. my Brooks Adrenaline.  Before I got these, I was never able to run from knee pain. In fact, my first pair of shoes that I got run fitted for weren't right either. They gave me blisters...a bad things and almost discouraged me from running altogether. But, then I got professionally fitted (the whole treadmill gait and arch analysis thing) and these shoes were recommended. Since, I've tried other stability shoes but none compare! I am a Brooks stability shoe fan! Now, if they would just make them in some other color besides blue/ white and red/ white.
I admit it, I am all girl! Thus, I like to look semi-cute when I run (at least when I start-I end up looking like heck before it's over). I adore this skirt. A runner friend of mine (much more professional than I ever want to be) told me about running skirts and advised me that if I purchase one to make sure that it has splits on the side. This is the cutest running accessory.

I love my hand held water bottle (not necessarily this name brand).  The zippered pouch allows you to carry whatever...a gatorade pack to refill w/ water mid way through; chapstick; pepper spray; toilet paper (just in case, as you never know)...

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  1. Great post! I haven't seen a running skirt before but I will certainly be finding a local stockist! Excellent choice of shoe too. Happy running! :)


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