Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A couple of cheesy Savannah smiles!

Finally! I get an opportunity to post my pictures from the Savannah RnR Half Marathon.
Sorry it has taken so long. I've been out of town for work for the last 2 weeks and pretty much slacked off (as did my exercise routine).
Being gone from your home and your routine for 2 weeks pretty much sucks!
You eat shit that you normally wouldn't touch, you don't exercise a lot (if any), and you usually don't sleep good (although I had no problem with this, for some reason-it must have been all the carbs).
I sure am glad I don't have a job that requires me to travel a lot!
Here are the pictures and recap:
A cheesy smile but I was freezing (as is obvious)-what is expected?!?!

No, I am not in this picture

But, I am in this picture..barely! I guess it's hard taking pictures of runners, even the slow ones

Finally! I saw the photographer (a.k.a. Chuck) and waved to show that I was having a blast!

Crossing the finish line and, amazingly, I see Chuck again! He's pretty awesome! He stood on a rail just so he could get a picture of me crossing. Aww....

Post my medal, my windbreaker (a necessity), and my chocolate milk! Yum! Where's the party?!?!
This race, or any other race that has a band at each mile (usually the big ones), comes highly recommended by me!
Last, I want to give thanks for the ability to exercise and for the funds to run in fantastic events such as the Savannah RnR Half.
There is a lot more that I am thankful for but since this is an exercise blog, I will stick with this one.
Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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