Thursday, November 3, 2011

It must have been invented by a man!

Less than 48 hrs to go and I will be in the middle of my 3rd half marathon!
Woo hoo!
It's going to be just for me but for the city of Savannah. 23,000 runners! Geez.
The Atlanta Journal Constitution said in an article yesterday that the amount of people coming to Savannah was bigger than the St. Patrick's Day festival that they have.
Having experienced only one of those festivals (by choice) in my younger, more tolerant (for drunks) years, I am hoping the AJC got it wrong and I REALLY hope that the crowd is less rowdy. I feel like it will be.
So, being that I am 2 days away, I have been trying to be a good girl and 'taper' my running/ workouts this week. Basically, I'm trying not to do anything out of the ordinary (does that include not drinking the occassional glass of wine? I think that's an exception).
I didn't make my normal weekly yoga class due to the 100's of trick or treaters I had.
That's right...100's. Party was over at my house by 7 pm, barely dark. All the candy was gone and by that time, the cute kids in costume have gone home. All is left are those that are either scarily dressed (is that really a costume?) or not really dressed in costume at all...basically, just trying to get some free candy.
BTW-I don't give out candy to kids not in costume and they only get 1 piece, to which I hand it to them. I've learned from experience to not allow the kiddies to reach in for there own candy. They grab handfulls and it makes me mad...and them madder when I tell them to put some of it back, as there parents look on! Grrr.....Really?
I digress back to exercise...
Last night, I decided to do upper body weights, a few (very, very few) lower body weights (in an effort to not overstrain/ overwork anything), and get on this horrible thing for some abs:

I truly believe a man must have invented this little exercise device.
You could have done weights and abs for 20 yrs but get on this thing...and it's a whole new world!!!!
The next day (actually, 2 days later) your abs will be so sore that you will swear you have some!
(P.s.-I do believe they are there...they just haven't decided to show themselves yet-they are playing hide and seek)   :)
Besides this workout and a 4.5 mile tempo run on Tuesday, that's it.
R&R, water, and carb loading.
Speaking of carbs...I read an artical in RW this past week that said that you know you ate the right amount of complex carbs before a race if you step on the scale and have gained 4 lbs!
WTF? Are they kidding? Not only would that TOTALLY discourage me (any woman would NOT like this) but that would be extra weight to run with???
With that said (btw-that was obviously written by a skinny, MALE runner), I'm not eating the house down trying to gain carb weight...althought that would be fairly easy, now wouldn't it (considering my love for all things white)?

Ok-This is just gross and not the way to carb load...

So, in addition to a chiropractic visit this week, I've also doubled up on my potassium levels this week, or let's just say I've been a little more conscious about my potassium intake. I have read/ heard that this is good for leg cramps which is a serious problem for me and my calves. Somewhere around mile 4 they quit hurting...that's about the time that my body starts go numb! jk
All this will warrant a massage. Any excuse, right?

I will see you on the return!
I (actually the hubby) plans on taking tons of pictures that I will post!
If this race event goes well, I may schedule a marathon for mid 2012. Ouch!
That's kind of on the bucket list...along with Australia and Jimmy Buffet!
See ya' in Margaritaville!

Now, that's a post-race celebration!!!

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