Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What the HECK is wrong with people?!?!?

Has everyone gone crazy?

Are people just SO  busy and stressed that they just have gone bizerk!?!?

I admit..I've done this a time or two!

Before I get started, this post has nothing to do with exercise.
No..tonight it is simply a vent session.
I apologize for this but the dog won't answer me back (thank goodness-that's a different post).
So, I'm driving to yoga last night (got to get my meditation and yen and yang on- more yang then yen, on) and I pull up to a stop light.
There is another car ahead of me and then a car ahead of that one.
The lady (a.k.a. crazy woman) in the first car gets out of her car while the light is red and faces the car behind her (fortunately not me-this time) and holds up her hands, as if to say "WTF?"
I assume the lady ahead of me has the same expression as I do, "WTF is she doing?!?!"
Then, the lady gets back in her car, turns, and drives off.
I guess the lady was following to closely to her, or doing something wrong in her eyes, and she felt compelled to act on it...I don't know.
I really don't have an answer for her actions except she, at that moment, lost it..completely.
With that said, did any of you see the article in the paper and on the news last week of the waitress that received a tip (not of the monetary fashion either) from a great couple on the West coast? (not that this couldn't happen on the East coast-there are plenty of turds over here)
The tip to the server was: "You could stand to lose a few pounds."
Really? What gave that couple the right to be such total a**holes to that server?
Do people really think that they can get away with saying whatever the HECK they want to...anywhere? anytime???
Furthermore, and going back to my waitressing days, I hope they left this tip AFTER they got there food. Everyone should know by now that you don't mess with people serving your food. I have seen it...it happens.
People...just chill out and relax and MOST IMPORTANTLY...keep your opinions to yourself!!!
...or, you can write a blog like me and voice all of your opinions!!!

This has to surely relax you...right???

Ok-this has to make you smile and relax?!?! It should!

How about you...ever seen nonsense like either of these 2 situations go on?
If so, did you react?
Do you think everyone has pretty much gone mad? I do.

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