Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello to all!
I am so glad you decided to follow my blog. I promise to make it interesting and get an occassional laugh out of you.
So, who guessed what my blogs title means?
In case you have never heard the saying, here it is:
Double Income, No Kids

I threw the (y) in there for added fun!
Yes, my husband and I are fans of this statement. We don't snub it.
However, let's clear one thing up. Before you say, "bless her heart (a very southern saying for all you Westerners)...she can't have kids." I feel pretty sure we could..we just choose not to, at least for now.
Clearly from my observation and opinion ONLY, they seem like a HUGE expense, lots of work, and they wear you out.
Now...that we've cleared that up.
So, I subscribe to a lot of runner/ exercise blogs and found a pretty common theme...all the bloggers have kids.
I'm not anti-children (although I do believe that my 13 yr. old shih-tzu is better mannered than A LOT of children...even some adults).


I just felt like there needed to be something out there for us DINK's...which are few and far between....and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make my fellow bloggers with children extremely jealous! Just kidding...maybe.
So, my blog will be mostly centered around my love-hate relationship with all things exercise. But, I plan on throwing a few other topics or hobbies in here, too, i.e. eating (hobby), wine/ spirits (a hobby but more like a key to survival & sanity), traveling (hobby), etc...
One thing I promise to not talk about is work. I figure I do enough of that M-F, 8-5 every week. Why bore you?!?!?
By now you should know a little about me, my personality, my family, and my life.
I have to life is pretty great. I mean, for goodness sakes...we live 3 miles (a quick 30 min. run) from this view?
Did I mention I'm on Island Time?!?!!? Gotta go for a bike ride!

St. Simon's Lighthouse

 BTW-This blog is still very much a work in process.

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