Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a beautiful weekend!

The weather was awesome here in Coastal Georgia this weekend! So much better than the muchly appreciated rain of last week (even if it does result in ‘house-a-tosis’ by day 3).
When the weather gets right here (we only have 2 seasons here-hot and hotter!), that brings everyone outside! That’s one of the reasons we moved to the Golden Isles..the weather,  the beautiful landscape, and the fact that everyone loves to be outside. Everywhere you look there is water and magnificent oak trees. I plan on posting some pictures of this later for those unfortunate people that don’t live here in such beautiful place!
With that said, the bike/ running paths were full this weekend. I’m guessing there are a lot of runners in training for the Savannah RnR ½ in November.  It’s just right around the corner!
I joined them and had some great company!

CH aka Lance

This picture is outdated (dare I say..by a month or 2) as he now has a newer bike…or a new ‘toy’, shall we call it.
He biked (23 miles) and I ran (8.5 miles) over the causeway. What an awesome view!

To get in some ‘hill’ training (which I despise ), I have to run the bridges because South Ga is flatter than flat!
Did I mention I hate hills? Anyway...
Seriously, I schedule and sign up for races by how flat the course is. If hills are involved, I won't sign up. I hope to get over this fear one day, as I have dreams of running the West Coast one day. DREAMS...
Sunday afternoon was slightly unproductive but very relaxing. We continued to enjoy the wonderful weather and temperatures, along with some ‘light’ leisure biking & grocery shopping.

Cute, huh? You should see the stares I get

Our usual Sunday night "nightcap"…a glass of vino (or 2..okay, the bottle) and grilled pizza! It's get the week off to a great start..or maybe tops off the great weekend!
Oh, the life of “DINK’s”…….have a great week, fellow DINK’s and non-DINK’s!

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